Making this Year’s Thanksgiving Day a Memorable One!

On the 28th of November, every year is always a day to anticipate all around America as it is a day set aside to appreciate the people around us, our loved ones, especially family members, colleagues, and neighbors. It’s a day of having plenty on the table and to eat. Growing up, Thanksgiving was always a day I personally looked forward to because I get amazing gifts from my family members, see my nephews and nieces. It was a day for me when I get all my requests granted by my mom. Like literally anything I want she gets me just because it’s thanksgiving.

Now that I have grown up and had a family of my own, what excites me the most about this day is the fact that I get to lend a helping hand to the less privileged, and those who can’t help themselves or have their families around them. It’s a day I get anything I want. The excitement is just endless and I’m pretty sure it is the same with you over there right?  YES!!! 

But just in case it may not be, today’s article, I will be talking about the most exciting activities to actively engage in to make your Thanksgiving Day a memorable one this 2019. Oh, I forgot to tell you, it is also a day we get to appreciate what God has done in our lives, jobs, businesses! Now let’s dive in. 

5 Major activities for Thanksgiving Day!


Give a meal box to those deprived at your neighborhood Salvation Army or through The National Coalition for the Homeless, where families can collaborate to serve a meal and welcome the less lucky in for a warm occasion feast among companions. Volunteer Match is another extraordinary asset to get associated with Thanksgiving Day volunteer open doors directly on your own terrace.

Football game 

As we all know, the game that bonds families and countries together all around the world is football and doing that as a fun activity on a Thanksgiving is not at all a bad idea. Start a neighboring-friendly football match for the entire family outside and burn some serious calories together. You can even make a pre-game movement out of making the Family Football Thanksgiving Championship trophy, which can turn into the desired prize during this custom for quite a long time to come!

Start designing the Christmas tree

Some may want to contend that Thanksgiving is too soon to begin your Christmas decoration, yet but hello—you should take the assistance while you can get it! Also, who detests making a family tree ore attractive? Turn on some happy music, delegate out the tree-beautifying task, and watch your Christmas vacation enliven with the assistance of the entire family. Present some hot cocoa to truly help get everybody in the soul!

Give out meals

By any chance that you have an older neighbor or know a family in your own local who could utilize some additional cheer, pack up a feast particularly for them and convey it as a family. It’s an awesome opportunity to show younger ones to share, become more acquainted with your neighbors, and avoid wastage of food!

Give out gifts! 

As the word itself sounds, ‘thanksGIVING’. One of the foremost ways to appreciate people be it your family members or neighbors or colleagues is by GIVING! People feel loved when you give them a gift, could be a gift of your time, affection or material gifts. Either way, you are releasing something from yourself to them. Which is also an activity you can engage in this Thanksgiving day. Tell every one of your family members to come with at least a parcel of the gift (buying online makes life easy) which they are gonna give out to another family member or a stranger. This way we are spreading love and kindness towards one another and that is the true essence of living and celebrating THANKSGIVING!!!

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