About Us

Delivering A Boxful of Joy!

Why we are called 'JOY BOX STORE

Joy Box Store is a store that has in mind a passion to deliver joy while you shop with us. The idea behind our brand name, ‘JOY’.  The ‘BOX’ part of it simply means that we deliver boxful of joy, in other words, you derive happiness while you shop on our site. 

We want you to know that we have come to stay and stay for good. We are inspired by you. By your lifestyle, diversity, unpredictability, and bravery.

We put our heart, soul and countless hours to Break on through to the other side and bring new ideas to life. We embrace the unknown. Just to deliver to you a Boxful of JOY while you shop with us on our site. 

The Team

We’re a bunch of comic book loving, lame joke cracking, and slightly weird but largely likeable people. We love what we do, and don’t take ourselves too seriously. This company was started by 2 people, with the enthusiast of reaching out to meet a need in the e-commerce world.

We believe that the easiest way to be successful is to look out for a need and volunteer to reach out and then meet the needs. Which is how Joy Box store was birthed. it was born out of passion to display excellence that is why we are always delivering a boxful of joy