10 Best Summer Vacation Activities in USA

Summer, as we all know, is the most sorted after holiday around the world. It’s a time to share love, happiness and travel the world. But if you are us who aren’t planning to travel and just looking for some fun activities to engage in this summer, then this article is just for you. We have carefully shortlisted the 10 Best Summer Vacation Activities in the USA just for you! 

1. Bike on a sandy beach, like in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Are you wondering or have been cracking your head over what to do this summer, and you don’t have an idea yet, then why not grab your bike and go on a ride on the Hilton Head, South Carolina. Bike riding by far has always been on the list of what to do not just for fun but also health-wise. And what makes it more fun is if you are going with your friends. Nothing like it!!!

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2)  Go fishing and bring home your catch for a fresh meal. 

Yea! You read it right! Fishing is number 2 on our list. While you looking for what activities to engage in this summer, fishing is an outdoor activity which at the end turns out to be fun. You get to exercise your body and also the opportunity to get a fresh meal for your family and friends. You can as well go fishing with your friends which is where the fun is. Wondering where you can get fishing tools from? We got you covered. Just check out this store https://justforfishing.com/ 

3. Act like a kid again, go on a ride at a local carnival

Yes, we just said that. One of the major activities of the summer is going out to a local carnival.  Now, this may sound somehow, but it’s easy. Just check your local listing for the latest carnival that will be happening in a city near you, and go with your friends and family. 

4. Have a picnic in the park

This sounds so fun. Yes! Picnic. Organizing a picnic with your friends and family this summer is also a fun activity. It could a nearby greenwood area in your city or road trip with your friends and family to the park. A lot actually goes into organizing a picnic but it’s sure one of the best summer activities you can have. And plus, it’s a sure way to relax and escape from scourging heat this summer.  

To have a perfectly planned picnic, you also want to consider some planning a barbeque. You can just get a barbeque or kebab maker here

5. Take a scenic hike through the lush forests in Olympic National park in Washington 

Looking for a fun and an escape route this summer. Then we suggest you go hiking through the lush forests in the Olympic National park in Washington. Now, this can’t be done alone, you sure wanna go with your friends or spouse.

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6. Roadtrip down the coast of California on the Pacific Coast Highway 

A road trip is sure one summer activity you need to plan. Even though you got other plans that you have selected from the list above, you wanna make sure you plan a road trip with loud karaoke music in the car. And the place we suggest you is the coast of California, near the Pacific Coast highway. Why you may wanna ask? The greenery is bliss this summer and the view is a plus for you and your friends

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7. Go horseback riding on a mountain trail.

This may sound boring for those who can’t ride a horse but it’s sure not boring for those who know how to ride a horse. For those who can’t, learning how to ride a horse could be your own summer activity and by next summer you become a pro.  Yes!! Try it out. 

8. Catch a free concert in New York City’s Central Park during the summer concert series

Diverting from hiking to bike riding, picnics and also road trips, what a lot of people forget they can do for summer activity is also attending a free concert.  A lot of concerts go down during the summer especially in New York, so you can plan to attend one with your friends this summer. You don’t have to travel, go hiking or any outdoor activity. A concert, with your friends and you just enjoy the scene and music and meet new friends! Most importantly they are free! 

9. Rock out at Lollapalooza in Chicago from August 1st – 4th

Still on the parties and concert thingy, you wanna watch out for the Lollapalooza party in Chicago which is happening between August 1st to 4th this year. It’s a great place to hang out, meet new friends and also spend time with your friends. 

If this is your pick, we provide you the road map for this year’s Lollapalooza party. Check it out here (https://www.lollapalooza.com/)

10. Pig out at the annual two-day Atlanta Bar-B-Q Festival on August 

And last but not least in our 10 Best Summer Vacation Activities in the USA. You don’t want to miss out on the Bar-B-Q festival this year. You sure want to attend this festival with your friends and family and also plan to meet new friends. And if you are a professional barbeque maker, then you need to get  the latest summer Kebab and barbeque maker here     

To get more info about the Atlanta Bar-B-Q Festival you can check here (http://www.atlbbqfest.com/)

There you have it, 10 Best Summer Vacation Activities in the USA. Comment below which one is your favorite and which activity will you be planning with your friends and family? Let’s go! 

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